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complement your room with Window Treatments

Written by Jane Trabert Schmit
Imagery by Interiors of WNY

Therein lies the challenge for homeowners and design professionals looking to put a unique stamp on one of the most important elements of a room: the windows. Windows add architectural interest, let inthe natural light and provide a view of the wonderful outdoors. So what’s the best way to “dress” them? And what are the go-to materials for designers in 2018?
    “There are no hard and fast rules about what’s in and what’s out for window treatments, especially as far as the materials go. It really is about what works for the decor around the window,” explains interior designer Karen Bialkowski, owner of Interiors of WNY (formerly known as Kittinger Gallery and Design Studio) in Williamsville.  “Window treatment design is meant to complement the rest of the room and what’s happening there.”
    Traditional materials such as rayon and polyester are still in demand for drapery panels and curtains, and the lush fabrics of silk and velvet never go out of style. But expect to see more natural woven materials such as cotton and linen and even hemp, jute and flax. For shades, meanwhile, bamboo makes a fashion statement in every room of the house while solar shades are praised for energy efficiency.
    “There is a trend to be more ‘green’ and to have more natural products around us, and that has transcended into the home decor and furnishings world, ” Bialkowski said.  “There is a really interesting element to natural fibers and organic fabrics.”
    Add a distinctive trim, a wider lead edge or a gram band to complete the look.  “Think about embellishments. We are putting a lot more details in our window treatments – butterfly pleats and contrast buttons and ruching at the top,”  she said.  “Panels are probably still the number one thing we sell but we’re putting oversized nailhead trims on window treatments, along with grommets and leather.” 

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