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Cultivating Convenience that’s Wholesome and Healthy

Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by urban culitvator

Too often, year-long access to fresh, healthy produce is either difficult to find or cost-prohibitive to purchase. An innovative, new appliance is changing this. After all, have you ever found yourself craving fresh, locally grown strawberries and greens even though the growing season is months away? How about those times when you arrive home late from work, exhausted, wanting a wholesome meal that isn’t takeout and doesn’t require cooking? Now your kitchen is the place where you can tend a small garden and cultivate fresh, nutritious, easy-to-grow crops.
    The exciting new technology making home-grown, organic produce convenient and affordable is called the Urban Cultivator. Originally designed for restaurants, popularity and demand led to the development of a residential model. 
    The residential Urban Cultivator is a stylish, fully-automated, dishwasher-sized appliance that allows you to grow herbs, micro greens, and other small crops. There are two versions: a built-in and a stand-alone unit featuring a high-quality butcher block top. It plugs into your regular water supply and everything is fully automated including watering, lighting, and temperature control. Assorted micro greens, strawberries, basil, and other herbs are all popular Urban Cultivator crops and can be grown simultaneously.
    Benefits are compelling. By eating produce immediately after harvest a higher nutritional value is retained, in some cases by more than half! Micro greens, one of the Urban Cultivator’s most prolific crops, provide a higher level of nutrition than their parent plant. Benefits are also deeply environmental. Crops are grown without pesticides or herbicides and you no longer have to rely on produce that’s transported over long distances along with the energy and carbon output required to get it to you. 
    “We have a lot of support materials including more than 60 videos on how to use everything we sell. We make it very simple,” says Eric Sloan, Marketing Director of Urban Cultivator. Urban Cultivator even sells high quality, organic seeds that it purchases for customers in bulk at a lower price. The Urban Cultivator usually pays for itself within a few years making it a smart, sustainable, healthy, and delicious addition to your home.
    Available through Artisan Kitchens & Baths at Appliance Associates.

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