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Intelligent Pool Technology

Written by Bob Ponosny of Beauty Pools
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

Smartphones, homes and appliances – technology has filled our lives with devices and capabilities that improve efficiency, safety, and aesthetics. Now you can add smart pools to the list. Pools provide long-term enjoyment but their maintenance requires an ongoing commitment of time and money. Whether you are installing a brand new pool or retrofitting an older one there are new advancements in pool technology that can maximize your pleasure while dramatically reducing maintenance demands.
    Imagine being able to permanently eliminate the need to purchase chlorine or add it to your pool! It gets better. Envision always swimming in pool water that achieves a perfectly balanced pH automatically. No more red eyes, itchy skin, or faded swimsuits. No more need to test your water manually. A salt chlorine generator and a pool chemistry management system make this possible.
    A salt chlorine generator is a unit that is plumbed into the circulation system of your pool. Salt is then added directly to the pool. Salt ions pass through the conversion cell and are changed into chlorine. When properly balanced most people cannot detect any salt in the water. A pool chemistry management system assures that your water will always be balanced. The system automatically monitors the chlorine and pH levels then communicates to the salt chlorine generator telling it to produce more or less chlorine as needed.
    There are other concerns besides keeping the water balanced. Is the system operating properly? Is the pump on or off? Were the lights left on? A pool/spa automation system in conjunction with the chemistry management system offers full control from anywhere you can access your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The system allows you to manage all the functions such as chlorine and pH levels, lights, waterfalls, and heaters. You can also establish programmed settings. A simple touch on the app will turn on the hot tub and heat it to your perfect temperature. Or perhaps you’re sitting by the pool entertaining your friends. At sunset, you pick up the phone, open the app and the pool lights, waterfalls, and spa turn on with a swipe of your finger. It’s that simple.
    These technologies can be retrofitted into any existing pool or spa. Once the system is updated, it can be used to control other landscape features such as a natural gas fireplace and landscape lights. Technology is a thing of beauty, isn’t it? 

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