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Take the plunge into the energy efficient world of pool technology

Written by Bob Ponosny of Beauty Pools
Imagery by Sandra Kicman

In the world of today, everybody has become conscious of energy efficiency and conservation. “Going green” is no longer a thought for the future; it is a necessity for today.
    Many companies have taken steps in this direction, including the automotive industry, energy suppliers, and airlines; right down to the places where you get your morning coffee. This being said, the pool industry is not one to be left in the wake. For years, steps have been taken in this direction.
    New and existing pools can do their part in being green (and we’re not talking about the water!). Be sure when planning out a new pool install to consider the options below. And when the time comes to replace equipment on your existing pool, do the same.
    Let’s start off by considering the heart of your pool. A typical 1.5 HP pool pump running for eight hours a day will use approximately 400 kilowatt hours of electricity per month. An energy efficient, variable speed pump run at low speed for 24 hours costs about the same as running a regular pump for one hour. Within a couple of years, a variable speed pump will pay for itself­ – not to mention it is much more quiet than a standard pump.
    We all like jumping into a nice, warm pool but hate the cost of heating it. Heat pumps are the way of the future.  A heat pump is a unit that transfers heat instead of creating it (like a natural gas heater would) to heat your pool. The benefit is that the cost to operate a heat pump is about one-third of the cost to operate a natural gas heater, with the heat pump using much fewer natural resources and not putting CO2 into the air.
    Just like in your home, using efficient lighting and changing to LEDs is the way to go.  A standard 500-watt pool light costs about $1 a day to operate.  An energy efficient LED is about 5 cents a day. Not only is there a huge savings in energy use, you also get the benefits of color change and longevity of the LED lights.
    Covering your pool is one of the best ways to conserve, and with an auto cover, it is as easy as turning a switch. An auto cover runs on a track and is opened and closed by turning a key. The heat is kept in your pool and dirt and debris are kept out, cutting down on the amount of time your pool system has to run.
    All of these pool products can conserve energy and help keep our world a cleaner, greener place. Take the plunge into the energy efficient world of pool technology.

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