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Trading Spaces

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The Rossignol household is a busy place. With two working parents, six-year-old triplets, and an eight-year-old boy, functionality and space are critical. Built in 1925, their federal style home’s small kitchen reflected the era in which it was built, not the needs of an active family.  Allen Rossignol, an architect, looked for a solution beyond the kitchen’s
walls but within the original home’s footprint.  The answer was a matter of trading places.
    The kitchen was adjacent to a family room that overlooked the backyard.  “The family room was a much larger space. It made sense to move the kitchen to the family room, convert the old kitchen into a dining room, and have it all be open,” says Rossignol.
Improved Interior Flow
The walls separating the old kitchen and family room were removed and replaced with a 12-foot structural steel beam. The beam was used to get the highest ceiling possible
for the newly opened space.
    A massive island anchors the kitchen. “It’s awesome!” exclaims Rossignol. “The kids enjoy running laps around it and they’ve each identified their own island feet. Plus
they do school work there,” he says. Interior-exterior flow improved as well. The kitchen is visually connected to the landscape and the parents can watch the kids play outside.
Energy Savings
The former family room was always cold and had poor light. An energy audit identified ways to reduce heat loss. Solutions included cellulose blown insulation and windows with high insulation values.
Classic Style Sparkles
While the design respects a traditional, federal style, the remodel is loaded with modernity. The radiant heated floor is porcelain tile plank flooring. Lighting is all LED. Sound and media are hidden and integrated into the design. A non-traditional twist places the stovetop and a modern sculpture-worthy hood in front of a window.
    The quartz countertop and glass bead chandeliers capture  the natural light and shimmer. “My wife calls them her little dazzles,” jokes Rossignol. The tiled back splash, integrated with small, jewel-like glass morsels, came from the wonderfully creative ArtWalk Tile. The muted color scheme of whites and grays are a perfect pairing to the interior’s fresh, sparkling nature.  

ArtWalk Tile Inc.       
Matthews & Fields Lumber Co.  
Pella Window & Door       
Solid Surfaces Inc.      

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