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Written by Michael Poczkalski, Owner, room
Imagery by room

Michael Poczkalski, Owner, room
Shares Some Design Trends
Michael P. is known for his attention to and understanding of architectural details, purposeful colors and contemporary styling. Recently, Michael P. was selected as one of the“Top 100 Interior Designers”  by Design Bureau Magazine. Michael P. is also known for his work as Design Producer on HGTV’s American Rehab Buffalo, Project Manager/Designer for House Hunters Renovation Buffalo, and Design Producer for HGTV’s Renovation Road.

Soft Brass
From fixtures to accessories, add subtle glow to your home with soft brass this season!

NaNaWALL Doors
For all the warm days that lie ahead, create a space that transitions your home into an indoor/outdoor living space.

Hex  tile
Create a unique space with a modern alternative to plank tiles. Hex tiles come in multitudes of colors and will stand the test of time.

Large Scale Wallpaper
Make your space stand out with beautifully dramatic large-scale patterns.

Statement lighting
Light it right with bold statement lighting. From pendants to alternative designs, make your guests want to look up.

Modern Traditional
A fresh look that incorporates old traditional favorites!

Add velvet to create an  “oh so cozy”  feeling to your room, a place where you can curl up with a book or have a cocktail with friends.

More Features

The equation for high-quality custom kitchens, baths, closets and tiles is simple. The answer is Concept II, the result of one robust showroom plus one talented team.

Many Western New Yorkers have discovered the comfort and convenience of turning their own backyard into a personal resort.

Amidst the Finger Lakes’ Cape Cods, mountain lodges, and Tuscan villas, there is at least one home that represents the authentic sense of place harbored within the folds of pastoral hills and lakes

When I think of Ultra Violet, I think of Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York City, and of course I think of Elizabeth Taylor and Prince.  But this year I have a new reason to like Ultra Violet.

In the light of day, your home and garden look lovely, but how do they look at night? Evaluating your property after sunset is the first step to ensuring it’s lit appropriately.