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Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care, Inc.

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Written by Karen Marley
Imagery by Photography by Sandra Kicman

How often do you find design with the power to evoke pleasant feelings of nostalgia? Or a
plan that anchors a space with the comforting authority of reliability and timelessness? Broccolo
Tree & Lawn Care shares two ways they use natural materials to create outdoor design that 
offers beauty and functionality, and invites you to feel emotionally connected to the space.

Experienced Brick
As local municipalities begin new construction projects, original pavers are cast aside. Known as “experienced brick,” these pavers were used for early roadways. They are rustic, extremely durable and have an Old World patina, which makes them perfect candidates for anyone wanting a historic or old city feel to their landscape, especially for walkways, sidewalks and patios. Laurie Broccolo, owner of Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care, shares her enthusiasm. “Experienced brick gives a property an authentic, well-established look. Not only are we reusing material but the quality is out-standing.” Broccolo acquires experienced brick from a company that salvages it and supplies it to the Rochester and Buffalo areas.

Cobblestone Campfire
The second example is more specific. A client has an affinity for the old state park campgrounds with well-built cobblestone grills. He wanted to re-create the rustic nostalgia of going to these parks in his youth. Broccolo’s team cleared out a space in the woods and installed a flagstone pathway then built an outdoor kitchen using charcoal grate grills, just like those in a state park. Cocktail tables made of large stone builders, carved to sit perfectly level, give the site an artistic, Stone Age twist. The walkway and kitchen are situated around an enormous circular fire pit. “Think of an outdoor man cave,” says Broccolo with a smile. “It’s a private escape … a place to cook up hot dogs and enjoy a drink with your friends surrounded with the nostalgia of stone and the woods.”

Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care, Inc.

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