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  • Typically, experiencing nature and enjoying the outdoors are not usually associated with small urban spaces. Designers at Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care see things differently. Two recent projects demonstrate how they transcended urban challenges to create inviting gardens.
  • For Josh Schmieder, owner of Josh Lawn Care and Landscaping, making clients a top priority and being a leader in outdoor living are inseparable. "We're driven by our desire to give clients the best and most enjoyable experience possible," explains Schmieder. "We aim to exceed expectations in how we manage a project and what we deliver." 

  • Occasionally a rare combination of traits converges to create something that shatters conventional standards.This is exactly what ...
  • What’s worth more than customer satisfaction? For Design Pool & Spa, it’s long-term customer loyalty. “We’ve earned the privilege of building a number of pools for some of our residential customers. Sustaining repeat business in this industry certainly holds us to the highest standard of quality and service,” explains Gary Bednarcyk, President of Design Pool & Spa.

  • This past summer you may have stumbled across the Greentopia Festival, an exciting new event in Rochester’s High Falls District. Anchoring the site was a stunning plant and landscape display on the High Falls bridge that gave new meaning to the phrase “Flower City.” The display was a collaborative effort between Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care along with two other local landscape companies.

  • “I can’t emphasize enough that we’re not your average design firm. Z Design offers so much more to our clients,” Tom Zulawski of ZDesign, Inc. says. “We encourage being involved in the early stages of a project and seeing it through to fruition. In many cases, Z Design’s involvement begins with pairing clients with the right architect for the job.”

  • ... Step Back in Time with Authentic Reclaimed Street Pavers

  • Outdoor living is a concept whose popularity is sweeping across the nation. After all, what’s not to love about expanding your living space and taking advantage of a vacation mindset in your own backyard? As the trend grows, so do the offerings available to consumers to create that ideal outdoor space.